We want your vehicle! Get the best value for your trade-in!


Absolutely! This is one of the primary reasons we include a comprehensive detail in the listing fee for your vehicle. Having your vehicle look its best is in everyone's best interest.
NO--your vehicle has to be a good fit for us. If the condition of your vehicle doesn't meet our standards we will be upfront and honest about it. We will only assist with selling vehicles that we would feel comfortable selling.
Of course! We will use our knowledge and resources to share pricing data with you and offer suggestions but you are in control. Before we consign your vehicle we will help make certain it is a good value for the seller and the buyer.
Absolutely not--we treat your vehicle as if it is one of our own.
  • We confirm valid drivers licenses and that insurance is in place.
  • We qualify the potential client.
  • We go on test drives with potential client(s).
  • Call us to learn about additional requirements for exotic or custom vehicles.
You need to keep your insurance coverage in place until the sale is finalized.
Yes! We work with you to set the selling price of your vehicle. We do the work but you retain the right to make or accept price changes.
Yes--depending upon the vehicle we can give you a quote for purchasing your vehicle as well as what we believe it would sell for on consignment.